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Mobisol launches Flagship Store in Dar es Salaam

 Leading German off-grid solar company expands to Dar Region, celebrates having provided affordable and reliable energy to half a million people in East Africa
 Mobisol, the leading German company providing decentralized solar solutions in East Africa, has launched their flagship store in Dar es Salaam, aiming to bring affordable large high-quality solar systems to the country’s commercial capital.
The new Dar es Salaam Flagship Store at the Mkuki House Mall, Julius K. Nyerere Road, was officially inaugurated in a celebratory ceremony by the guest of honor Mr. Triller, First Secretary and Head of Chancery of the German Embassy, Mr. Ali Mufuruki, Chairman of Tanzania CEO Round table, Mobisol Dar es Salaam Sales Director Robert Sanyagi and Mobisol Tanzania’s Chief Commercial Officer Sjors Martens. 
During the event, Mobisol employees and customers, as well as representatives of the business world, the Government and international supporters jointly celebrated the company’s achievement of having electrified over 500,000 people in East Africa through its sustainable solar solutions.
Mr. Ali Mufuruki, Chairman of Tanzania CEO Round Table, said during the event that the launch affirms the success of solar public-private partnerships, which benefit the community. He urged the Government to support the solar industry within the country, while asking the public to consider solar energy to help save on energy related expenditure for an improved lifestyle.
He added: “I have witnessed Mobisol’s exciting development since years now, and I am happy to see the company’s innovative, high quality products now being introduced in Dar es Salaam – as having reliable energy access, without the need for expensive and polluting generators or fossil fuels, really raises the living standard of Tanzanians. 
Knowing Mobisol as an excellent partner to do business with, I fully expecting further interesting partnerships to arise with Mobisol in Dar es Salaam.”
Giving guests a chance to witness its impact in action, several Mobisol customers used the occasion to explain how Mobisol’s solar systems had positively changed their life.
 Ms Zainab Sakoto from Temeke said: “With my 200 Watt Mobisol system, I can easily illuminate my restaurant and show football matches on the large flatscreen HD TV to entertain guests.

 This gives me a higher income, which makes it easy to pay off the rates for the system, and a sustainable source of electricity. 

I am planning to acquire another solar system for my home, so my kids can study at night, and for the entire family to power entertainment and household appliances.”
Robert Sanyagi, Mobisol's Dar es Salaam Sales Director, added: “We are thrilled to officially launch our operations in Dar es Salaam. 

Having widely demonstrated the success and replicability of our electrification model throughout the country, we are now moving into the business in Dar es Salaam with a stronger focus on corporate partnerships. 

Working jointly with stakeholders within the public and private sector, we will scale swiftly, thus supporting the Government’s aim to vastly boost reliable electrification.

 We aspire to reach at least 10,000 additional households and microenterprises in the region in 2018 – thus raising households’ quality of life and socio-economic opportunities, while mitigating global climate change.”
Mobisol provides affordable high-tech solar products in Tanzania since 2012 and has covered nearly all parts of mainland Tanzania with its services to date. 
Having established its presence initially mainly in rural off-grid areas, the company now expands its business model into Dar es Salaam.
 Here, Mobisol aims to complement the Government’s efforts to provide reliable energy access to all citizens by offering affordable solar solutions for households, businesses and institutions. 
The company is focusing on solar as back-up systems during power outages in the nation’s commercial capital, while simultaneously aiming to provide solar solutions to households within Dar that are not yet connected to the grid.
 Additionally, the company will be providing family members living and working in Dar es Salaam with the opportunity to acquire solar home systems for their relatives living in rural areas throughout the nation.

Providing solar power solutions that go beyond lighting, Mobisol focuses on the development and supply of larger solar systems that power a range of energy efficient appliances for households and small businesses.
 Customers have both the opportunity to electrify their homes and to run energy-based microenterprises, such as solar-powered cinemas, phone charging stations, and efficiently illuminate larger workshops.
 The systems come with a range of services such as maintenance, free installation, long warrantees– and the opportunity to pay off the system in convenient installment over four years via mobile money.

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